The Compliance Professionals You Want to Work With

Our firm is made up of only the best talent coming from other top-tier national audit and security firms. Our people are extremely knowledgeable about security and compliance and love what they do.

Our Team

We Bring You Our Best

Our experienced team has a deep understanding of cloud security, IT risk, SOC 2 Trust Services Criteria, and the different ways to meet security goals.

We’re Specialists

We love tech, especially cloud-based tech. We work with a range of clients across software tech, health tech, financial tech, compliance tech, and more.

Certifiably great

Our team consists of experienced CISAs and CSSKs, with over half of our personnel having an active CPA license. We won’t waste your time with newbies who are training on the job. Our certified experts value your time and work hard to exceed your expectations.

About Our Clients


of clients operating internationally

<1 Month

Average duration of each audit engagement


Customers who purchased a second service from us


Customers who primarily build in the cloud


Customers in the healthcare industry


Customers that said their security posture improved with MA’s feedback

“We are delighted with our SOC 2 Type 1. Our team enjoyed working with the Modern Assurance team. We are thankful that you took us through such an effective process and for the guidance along the way. We look forward to the next steps for Type 2.”

Director of Growth and Expansion of a custom integration software solutions provider